Happiness Lies Within

HappinessInsideJob“The tragedy of life is what dies inside a person while they live.”- Albert Schweitzer

When we are unhappy, we commonly think “having more” will take away our inner pain but it doesn’t. There is never enough.

Outer success can be a heaven or a hell, depending on the degree of personal success we have already achieved.

Personal success comes from within and is achieved when you are able not only to be yourself but also to love yourself. It is feeling confident, happy, and powerful in the process of doing what you want to do.

To find true and lasting happiness, we must make a small shift in our thinking. We must make achieving personal success and not material success our number one priority.

Lasting happiness comes from within. Getting what you want can only make you happy to the degree that you are already happy.

Unhappiness is simply the lack of inner joy and has nothing to do with our external condition. The real cause of unhappiness is the absence of joy.

To find happiness, we must begin an inner journey to remember who we really are by looking inside ourselves. We will discover that the joy, love, power, and peace we are looking for are already there.

Enjoy the journey to self-discovery this week.

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