Problems or Solutions?

stop_complaining“YOU CAN OVERCOME ANYTHING IF YOU DON’T BELLY-ACHE.” – Bernard Baruch

QUESTION: “Do I see solutions or problems? Are you going to get some dirt thrown on you today? How about tomorrow? And the next day?”

THOUGHT: Your answers will either get you depressed or you will realize that you just got the key to happiness. I’ll let you in on a little secret: There is a solution to every problem. There is no way, when we are upset, that we can think clearly enough to come up with the answers to the challenges we are faced with. So why be upset?

Understand a basic premise of life: Everybody has problems, everyday!!! So instead of crying, do this: Get the facts. Write down your options. Understand the consequences of each option. Make a decision!!! Remember, life isn’t out to get you. Stay relaxed now that you know the secret.


I learn something new from every challenge i face.

I am becoming more optimistic everyday.

I love being alive. Life is great!

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