The Challenge



Part 1 – Knowing Your WHY

Part 2 – The PROGRAM

  • The Healthy Meal Plan
  • The Exercise

Part 3 – Celebrate

The Program is based on Dr. Ola Madsen’s diet for a bodybuilding competition in 2006 where he placed 2nd. He was almost 60 when he did it! Now, at 69 years old and after several bodybuilding competitions, he never felt so much better, healthier and stronger than ever before!

It is for this reason that he is sharing to everyone the program with you. He wants you to enjoy the benefits no matter what your age is. Age is definitely just a number for Dr. Ola.

The program may not be easy but it is definitely DO-ABLE! If you have the will, we will show you and support you every step of the way.

The goal of this program is for you to live a healthier lifestyle not just for a month but all your life! A continuing support through emails, videos, weekly empowering thoughts and Facebook group is available for you.

There’s no other time like NOW to get started on your journey to a better and healthier lifestyle. CLICK HERE to get started!